Online Meetings (International)

Australian Online Skype Meetings

These are based in Sydney, Australia, so times are GMT+10 (during Australian daylight saving) Please remember to appear online if you would like to join the meeting.

Monday 7 pm (Dinosaur Meeting), 9 pm, (Just for Today)
Tuesday: 7 pm (Basic Text study), 9 pm, (Just for Today)
Wednesday: 5 am (Ask it basket topic meeting), 9 pm, (Steps)
Thursday: 7 pm (It Works How and Why), 9 pm  (Just for Today)
Friday: 9 pm, (Speaker or Just for Today)
Saturday: 9 pm (Steps and traditions)
Sunday: 7 pm (Just For Today), 9 pm, (Living Clean)
All meetings times are Sydney, Australia time and are 1 to 1.5hr long.

Alternatively, if you would like to join in the meeting by calling in from a mobile phone or landline then please phone the Na_at_home phone number +61 (02) 8005 4724 just prior to or at any time during the meeting.

Australian time zone change set for Oct 7th… NZ is Sept 30

For instructions on using Skype visit the link below..

Australian NA Online Meetings Page

Highlands and Islands Scottish NA Skype meetings.

– Monday 1 pm (just for today, 60 min)
– Wednesday 1 pm (step meeting, 60 min)
– Thursday 6:30 pm (illness in recovery, 60 min)
– Friday 7:30 pm (speaker meeting, 90 min)
– Saturday 6 pm (Living Clean, 60 min)
– Sunday 8 pm (illness in recovery, 60 min)

All above meeting times are GMT

Search highlandsandislands in skype and send a contact request asking to be added to the meeting.

Highlands & Islands Group NA

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