Online Meetings (International)

Australian Online Meetings

These are based in Sydney, Australia, so times are GMT+10 (during Australian daylight saving).

Monday 7 pm (Dinosaur Meeting), 9 pm, (Just for Today)
Tuesday: 7 pm (Basic Text study), 9 pm, (Just for Today)
Wednesday: 5 am (Ask it basket topic meeting), 9 pm, (Steps)
Thursday: 7 pm (It Works How and Why), 9 pm  (Just for Today)
Friday: 9 pm, (Speaker or Just for Today)
Saturday: 9 pm (Steps and traditions)
Sunday: 7 pm (Just For Today), 9 pm, (Living Clean)
All meetings times are Sydney, Australia time and are 1 to 1.5hr long.

The link below has information on how you can join the meetings.

Australian NA Online Meetings Page

Highlands and Islands Scottish NA Skype meetings.

– Monday 1 pm (just for today, 60 min)
– Wednesday 1 pm (step meeting, 60 min)
– Thursday 6:30 pm (illness in recovery, 60 min)
– Friday 7:30 pm (speaker meeting, 90 min)
– Saturday 6 pm (Living Clean, 60 min)
– Sunday 8 pm (illness in recovery, 60 min)

All above meeting times are GMT

Search highlandsandislands in skype and send a contact request asking to be added to the meeting.

Highlands & Islands Group NA

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